Friday, August 5, 2016


 Ella was giving Poly hugs.

We went to a kite flying meetup. I had been sick for so long everyone missed Ella.And Ella missed everyone.

 Ella and her friends helped with the tails of the kites to get them going.

While leaving Ella was standing by our car but also by another car and the mom closed the door and it hit Ella in the head. She was not happy!  (The mom didn't even apologize.)  We were going to go to the cafe for lunch with a bunch of them but not with all the crying. Ella then really wanted to see Daddy. I parked in his parking lot trying to get his attention. Ella wanted to wait there until she could see him. Finally we got in touch with him and he was at lunch. We drove over and met him where he was eating. We did not eat. Ella just wanted to be with him. Then she felt better.

 After nap, we had a T-shirt painting meetup at our house.

We ate dinner at the kitchen island based on Ella's request.
A couple of the shirts I made.


  1. Poor Ella getting hurt!! I would have been so mad at that mom especially not apologizing how awful. Ella is so sweet wanting to see daddy when she got hurt.

    1. I was. And 4 weeks ago I grazed my leg with the car door and it hurt so so so bad and hurt for days so then I really felt worse about this situation. I thought it's lucky I forget which mom it was. I could go look on meetup to see who because she was the only one there with 2 kids but decided against it so that I don't hate on someone!