Sunday, August 14, 2016


I was up extremely late with Ella. Even though I said Dave was in charge. Clearly I get hosed and she wants me.  I have not been sleeping well. I have been sick. I need more sleep. I need more rest.  Then I get to bed and cough up a storm. I cannot stop. Dave complains I keep waking him up.  I go eat in the kitchen because I know eating was the only thing to stop my coughing fits before. It works. But I'm afraid to stop eating because if I briefly stop I cough. I ate a lot. It was past 1 AM.  I sit out in the kitchen a bit and am not coughing so walk to bed. As soon as I hit the bedroom I start coughing.

I resort to sitting up to try to sleep. Eventually (after 2 AM) I fall asleep sitting up.

Around 3:30 I hear Ella crying. I try to wait a little and she still cries. I go in. She falls asleep almost right away on me. I rock her for just a couple minutes and put her in her bed. But then I go and trip leaving the room and the noise wakes her up.

Ella did sleep in a bit. But it just delays the morning.
Ella called my mom on a hangout just to show her the paintings and say "I painted that."  My mom got a call from my dad at the same time so she couldn't hear either one. It's too bad too because Ella was so cute about it. She likes to say the one for Dave says "I love you Daddy."

We drove Dave to work.  Since I had a cold, everyone cancelled on the pancake making session I had. Well all but 1 so I asked if moving it was just OK.  Then Maie and Susu came over for a practice making session. They were so cute. They actually took turns. Then they were amazed watching the batter turn into pancakes.

They were quite amazed to see the batter they mixed turning into pancakes.

 Ella was a bit obsessed with the batter.

They left and Ella shows me a book. She opens to the last page and says "10 butterflies"  and I just not sure how she knew this. We never even read this book before.

Maie knocks on the door and opens it up telling me to call 911 because she locked her keys and Susu in the car. It all worked out well. We were able to shimmy the sun roof cover back and then when they showed up it took 3 seconds to use their tool and go in through the roof and open the door.

I called 911 at 12:42 and the fire truck showed up at 12:51. Susu was out of the car by 12:53. A fire fighter offered Ella a sticker and she immediately said 2. So she got 2. Susu didn't even want to take his.   It probably took longer than usual because my 911 call had to be transferred and then they also heard my address wrong so I had to correct that.

We were a little delayed leaving for a car ride nap then Ella would just not go to sleep. Finally she falls asleep at 2:53 and preschool starts at 3. I park in the school parking lot hoping she'll wake up. She doesn't. She rustles. I asked if she wants to go to school and back to sleep. I go to pick up Dave. She wakes up when we head back to the school. I was going to get flyers. Dave won't sit in the car 40 minutes so I drive him home and come back so Ella has 20 minutes of preschool. She wouldn't fall asleep for her nap because she kept talking about Teacher Mindy and her friends. I knew she'd be bummed if I just didn't let her go at all. I'm sort of mad about the always driving people around so she got less time than she should have because I had to drive Dave home.

Since we didn't go in early, we didn't take Ella's lunch in. Well that had her name button on it. Ella wouldn't go without a button so she wore someone else's.

When we got home, I started dinner. I made the mistake of having Ella help too. She loves to help but it's messier and longer and I just never get a break. She also makes a big mess. She thinks the method to cleaning off the counter is to fling all the loose cheese on the floor. We had pepperoni rolls but Ella also wanted ham in hers.

When we ate she said it was too spicy so I gave her ends that only had dough and cheese and she liked them.  I wasn't a fan of this dough. It was convenient to just unroll and use and have a rectangle. I think it'd be better for pizza not pepperoni rolls but it also had a boring taste.
Miss Independent wanted to sit at the kitchen island so she moved herself to over there while we sat at the table.

Ella says she will share her play mat with the new baby but not with Poly. She keeps chasing Poly off of it each time Poly is on it. The mat is only out because Ella found it in the baby's room and brought it out to lie down on.

Ella and I did a practice craft so we had an example for our Kids Crafting on Friday.  I could have just done it but I wanted to see what kids could actually do. She did well gluing but then when googley eyes came out she wanted to throw them like confetti.

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