Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The morning started off the same way with Ella in our bed!

Ella is always trying to hug Poly. Poly isn't a fan of hugs though.

Ella decided to try to use my doppler.
Preschool had a Mother's Day breakfast!  I wore a dress since I felt like I never get dressed up and should.

Ella found a golf umbrella and had to "use" it.

She loved it!

Since it was rainy we did our craft inside.  Kids sure love glue sticks!

We tried to take some group pictures. It didn't go so well. Most of the lady bugs were made by the moms. Ella made her example lady bug but then when people were over she just wanted to glue on the white paper and skip the rest.  

We went to Nick the Greek for dinner after picking Dave up.

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