Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I slept until 8. It was great not having Dave's alarm or Ella waking me up! Actually Dave did wake me up but at least it wasn't as early as normal.  I even got to chill in bed a bit before Ella woke up.

Then we all chilled in bed. It was great not having to rush.

We ate some little donuts while in bed. We tried to teach Ella that when she offers someone something and they say "No thank you" that she shouldn't force it on them.  It's still a work in progress. She started pulling off a little piece and then offering a smaller piece after you said no.

We hung out. We played.  She started getting bad and Dave asked her if she was hungry. She was.  I got her food. Dave heated up leftovers. I cleaned the kitchen while doing this. (I already did laundry and emptied garbages.)  Then they were all totally done eating and I hadn't started yet. I also got a little lightheaded.

What felt like ages later, I finally made a TV dinner.  It must have been ages later because Ella wanted to eat my food. We spent a long time eating. We even had some fudge stripe cookies.  Then I took her for a car ride to get her to sleep. She fell asleep at 3:15. We were maybe in the car about 15 minutes when she fell asleep.

She napped for 3 hours. I cropped some daily pictures and caught up on April. So now I'm not too far behind.  I also added an OOTD tag then went back through and tagged a ton of old stuff. I didn't tag everything but got a decent number.  I tried to load pictures from my phone but that failed.  I deleted some pictures on the phone. I also made a compilation video.

Ella woke up and cuddled with me in the chair. She kept giving me big hugs. Apparently I deleted almost enough pictures because the first 1000 pictures or so uploaded. And I learned why I had so many new pictures (1883) was because apparently I took 667 pictures of the wall in a burst one morning.

Ella started hugging my belly. I asked if she was hugging the baby. She said yea.  She would alternate between hugging my belly and hugging my neck.

We hung out in the living room for a bit. We ordered pizza and ate that. Then hung out more in the living room.  Ella got a laundry basked and turned it into a crib. She even got a pillow and blanket for her baby. She put her baby down for a nap. Then put her baby in the stroller for a walk. Then back to a nap.  Also the baby ate dinner with us.

We hung out in bed for awhile to try to wind her down. I don't think it works that well but at least she doesn't cry in her room. Too bad by the time we went to her room, read a book, and tucked her in it was 11:04.  Also Ella didn't want me to read the book. She said she'd read it. She was pretty funny. She knew it was Dora and described the pictures.  She didn't even want to go into bed but I said she could practice reading the other book and read it to me in the morning.

I got to bed and propped myself up to use my computer but next thing I know I'm asleep sitting up with a computer on my lap.

I made the post below forgetting I had typed about the day. So I just slapped everything I typed at the top.
Sometimes we just have some time in bed as a family.

We had some donuts in bed.

 We had pizza hut for dinner and the big box we got came with the cinnamon sticks and icing. Ella sure loved them.

Ella used the laundry basket like a crib. I showed her on pinterest not minutes later how I was scrolling and saw that a mom used a laundry basket for her actual baby. Ella was so proud.

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