Thursday, August 4, 2016


I think I was pretty productive. I woke up and had to get ready and pack Ella's lunch. Then wake her up and get her read. Except she woke up on her own so that was good. She was cold. She wanted to cuddle back into bed though.  She didn't want to go to school but once we were in the car she was OK.

Always touching the car and getting filthy
I took her to school, talked to the director and finally filled out a auto withdrawal form for the tuition, went to Safeway, and went to the post office and made it home by 10:15 for Dave to go to PT.
Mailed shakeology to my parents
Then I rested a few minutes and frantically cleaned the house. I had a brief lunch and back to cleaning. I took a 10 min break but that break involved me updating costs for the moms night in so I knew how much to charge people.
Ella playing in a box at school.
Poly enjoying the lack of carnival boxes on her ottoman
My belly
Finally at 3,  I was done doing all that and was so tired.  I snacked and watched some Netflix trying to nap. Before the trying to nap, I was trying to make a blog post and I kept dozing off. I should have just let myself nap propped up with my computer on me.
Clearly I'm not sleeping enough

Dave picked Ella up and got home and I asked what was for dinner. Then I made frozen pizza and a box of macaroni and cheese. Surprised I even managed to cook anything. I was hoping Dave brought home food.

I had to hurry and clean up for the Moms Night In + Ella that I was hosting. We spent about 2 hours making candies! (It was the 2nd one I hosted.) I did a separate post just for MNI.
Ella would not sleep in her room. I tried lying with her for over 20 minutes. We gave up. Then told her to ask Daddy. She went and cuddled with him. I fell asleep. So did he. Then she did. He woke me up to carry her to her room.


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    1. I had to go back to the post wondering what pic I had of my belly and it was of my shirt up with my belly. Can't believe I posted that! haha.

    2. I'm modest with my pictures. I even didn't like my tankini because it was so low cut. But maybe i thought hey that's not an awful belly pic so I'll just post it!