Friday, August 5, 2016


I'd say I had a 2nd day in a row where I was pretty productive.

I woke up when Dave's alarm went off. I got a shower. I got ready for the meetup. I woke Ella up. I had to try a few times. She kept going back to sleep. She was also asleep in the wrong direction in her bed! I drove Dave to work (which is no quick trip).

Before taking Dave to work Ella had to watch the gardeners. I swear she loves it. She waves at them. She just wants to watch a little bit more when I tell her it's time to close the door.

I finished getting ready for the meetup. (Ella of course was a helper opening the umbrellas.) Had the meetup! Cleaned up. Got dinner in the crock pot. Made nut clusters with Ella. Cleaned up the mess she made from it. Ate lunch. Got Ella in the car by 2 for a nap and she did not want to go.
I very much lacked in taking pictures and they turned out like crap. Two from the collage above are from Sarah's phone!
Making nut clusters
Ella brought my camera + tripod into the kitchen. She wanted to take pictures.
While Ella napped, I rested some but was productive until I decided to eat.  I also cut up the tomatoes for dinner and prepped all the containers needed for giving tacos for dinner.   I signed up to make dinner for a friend who had just had a baby. Tacos seemed like a good idea then I realized you need a million containers for that. I also packaged a ziplock of beads and string so she can make a necklace. I had a necklace making meetup that the 2 year old couldn't come to so now she can make a necklace at home.

I shredded the chicken once we got home and then we ate. I lied in bed on my computer after that. I wanted to go to sleep bad. I didn't end up going to bed until midnight because of Ella!

Dave suggested bonus vegetables to take with dinner. We lack in food but then I had cucumber  I sliced a bunch but Ella wanted a hunk to eat.

 I made dinosaur molds but put peanuts in them this time!

 Ella did not want tacos for dinner. She wanted cereal. Then later had cereal too. She spilt it and moved over and got the wipes out of my purse to try to clean up.

Dave thought the best time to do back exercises is when we were doing time in the big bed to wind Ella down. That did not go so well and she was always diving on him. But I kind of enjoyed that since she was mad at him all day since he had to go to work.

They tried to cuddle like they did the night before to fall asleep but she wasn't having any parts oft hat so then I tucked her into her room. She actually stayed but I did let her have the top light on.

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