Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Full Day of Preschool (1.13.16)

Walking into school
Ella had her first full day of preschool. Well almost full day.

I dropped her off at 9:20 and went to pick her up at 3:30. We didn't end up leaving until 4:25 because she wanted to show me things and she didn't want to leave.

When I dropped her off, they were all outside. Ella was a little overwhelmed the first couple minutes and held on to me. But there was her entire class and one other entire class in the play area outside so it was a lot of faces and they all came over.

I got some text message pictures from her teacher. I loved that.   She did ask for me and once she woke up from nap she asked for me even more.  She did so well for her first day at preschool.  She loves all her friends. She did not want to leave them.

Ella actually ate her lunch. The first 2 times she was there for food she ate a total of maybe 5 bites. (I was there the first time, the second time she was there during lunch in the 1.5 hours that I left her there.)
I tried to get her picture by the sign but it did not go so well. We forgot her favorite jackets so we had this ugly one that she wore.

Then once she stopped being so excited, I still couldn't get a picture of her by the sign. She kept pointing out all the A's on the sign.

I took these at drop off.

The teacher texted this one and the next one to me.

 Ella is actually napping at nap time!
Then I got a picture when I picked Ella up.  I did get a few other pictures at drop off and pick-up but since they include other kids, I just left them out instead of putting them on here.
I can't believe Ella is at preschool look!


  1. This is such a big milestone going all day. Even Parker didn't start that till kindergarten.

    1. I only did half day kindergarten so first grade was the first all day for me. And actually those hours were 8:30-2:30 so not even as long as we could leave Ella!