Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gymnastics (2.2.16)

the left side of the room
the right side of the room
waiting for class to start
Ella started her first day of gymnastics for the 2nd class set.  It had been a few months since she had gone before.

This time we signed up for Tuesdays.  Last time was Wednesdays. Wednesdays was packed. This time she was the only one there for the first 10 minutes of class. Then another girl showed up. She did not want to do anything.  Then about 30 minutes into the 45 minute class another person showed up. It just wasn't the same without people.

Ella did the entire warmup herself. She did really well but only listened about 3/4 the time. We had to coax her the other few times.

She did so well at stretching.  She didn't even sit near me. She just sat on her own doing the appropriate stretches.   Stretching is when the 2nd girl showed up.

Then the kids started going around the bar course or whatever they call it. Ella tried to do things a little more hang upside down than the original directions.  She did everything a few times but then she got sick of going through everything and tried to do other stuff.

Then they did the balance beam set up. Ella did pretty well. She tries to just walk and will fall. Since we are holding her up, she just keeps going without realizing she will fall.  She liked jumping at the end too.

Then the last 10 minutes or so were free play and she got to run on the tumble track and do a few other things.

Class ended with everyone getting stamps on both wrists. Last time around they got stickers but now they get stamps.

Ella did skin the cat on the bars and on the rings. She was doing pretty well.  I didn't take nearly the amount of pictures or videos I would have liked.

The coach was Liliana this time and last time she had a guy (Nathan?).

The 2nd girl that showed up was 23 months old and she wouldn't do a thing. She didn't like to do anything she was told to do. Then the other person who showed up, we knew from the park. Sydney was 2.5 years old and she was very shy and would do things but wouldn't do any of them near the instructor.

We were a little early so she'd go over to these spots on the mat and act out different things. She wasn't on equipment so I figured it was ok.

 Look at Ella go!

Putting the pictures in this post months later made me remember how much Ella loves gymnastics. I need to sign her up again!

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