Wednesday, August 17, 2016

May 16-31 Outfits

I've gotten so bad at taking outfit photos but I do like to see what I wore so I even include the little selfies. Lots end up being screen captures from workout videos I've made.

I went in the pool in my clothes! Ella did not approve.
I liked looking at these to see how long the shirts used to seem.

I sure wore a lot of shirts on May 30.


  1. You can't even tell you're pregnant in some of these photos shot directly from the front. You look great, mama!

    1. I noticed that when I was making the collages and had to triple check the dates! It seemed like they were out of order!

      I got a little behind cropping pictures. It's funny how May seems like a "little" behind!

      Dave told me that when I post about 1 month ago nobody cares... I'm 3 months behind + I skipped some entire months!