Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Dave left for work before anyone else woke up. We were up until 2:45 AM so it was understandable.
I did wake up at 8:30 and Ella was asleep so I went back to sleep. At 9:05, my mom had Ella knock on my door. She had peeked in on Ella and saw her eyes were open so she got her. (Opening the door is known to cause her to wake up though.)

Around 11 we went to the mall. We got some good deals.  We took a long time though.  Ella got to ride some of those machines while I ran into Sears. Apparently she needed to ride them all so my dad spent a few dollars on her :)

We didn't have lunch first.  Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home. We went to Sam's Club and my mom stayed in the car with Ella.   My dad managed to transfer Ella to the crib. She woke up and he gave her a blanket and she grabbed it and turned over and covered herself.    She only slept 1.5 total hours though.

We got home and ate and I was still eating when she woke up.
We hung out, Ella ate, Ella got upset and threw all her food. We gave up on eating then tried again later. My dad was coming in the house so I asked if she wanted Pap-Pap to feed her. She nodded and kept saying Pap-Pap. He sat with her and poured her food and she fed herself and was good. I guess she really did want him to feed her.

We went to Hofbrauhaus for dinner. Well some of us did. We met Dave there.  Ella wasn't that good but wasn't that bad. My dad and Dave sat on each side of Ella so I had a break. I still got up a few times to get the crayons but it sure was nice.

Ella fell asleep on her way home. Dave carried her inside. When she woke up, she freaked out and she cried freaking out hard core for a half hour.

Ella played and snacked.

Dave gave my mom an android stuffed animal. Ella took it later and put it in the high chair and was trying to feed the stuffed animal. It was so cute.

We let her stay up too late while we were watching the Steeler Game.
Ella didn't want to go to sleep. We had issues with the new monitor so there was a time delay with that.   She was only in her crib awake for about 10 minutes when she finally handled being in there but it was after 11 PM.

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