Thursday, September 1, 2016


I did not sleep well at all. Ella would fall off the mattress and onto the floor and I'd hear the noise. She also didn't like that.  Dave got to sleep in a bed himself. He liked that. He made it like a refrigerator in there with the window open. Ella did cuddle up with him in the morning.

Ella had cereal for breakfast and got to put some in a little bowl for the bird to eat. She loved that.

She got to pet their cats too.

Dave's dad shaved his beard just for Ella. He was glad he did because she took right to him not like the trip in September. (Also in September she was in her phase of being afraid of all men but especially men with beards.)

My parents came to visit and watch Ella while we went to the hospital. They took her to the park. I told my mom to take pictures. She didn't want to but then she did. I'm glad they were some cute pictures. Ella had fun.   The park would have been a lot more fun than the hospital. Dave at least got to see his mom. I'm not sure he wanted to though knowing the current state of everything.

We went to Pat's for lunch then Ella fell asleep on the way home.
Ella sure liked to brush her teeth each and every time she went up to use the potty. Ella did not actually want to use the big potty. She kept saying she'd fall in. Darn Dave for being in charge days earlier and letting her fall in. (For 3/7 my parents bought and brought a little potty for her to use. She was much happier.)

With the time zone change we had dinner then we'd have late night snack near 10 PM or sometimes later too. Ella would be starving.

Ella was so scared again. I ended up sleeping with her.  We slept in the actual bed and I got a blanket and rolled it up and put it under the fitted sheet so she couldn't roll out. That helped a lot. She did climb all around on me and not want to go to sleep for the longest time. Man was I tired.  

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