Monday, September 26, 2016


I wake up at 7 everyday. I can't seem to sleep past 7. It's annoying.  I try to fall asleep for a bit.  Then I just got up and worked on my photobook. I spent 1.5 hours just narrowing down pictures that I put on 5 pages in the book.

Dave opened Ella's door a little after 9 to get her to wake up. She was not happy.

We ate breakfast. Ella and I ate leftover donuts. Ella kept taking my 2nd one and putting it back in the box. I think she was telling me I shouldn't eat so many donuts.
Then she wanted to sit on the potty and she had her iPad and I went back to making my photobook. I'm pretty sure an insane amount of time passed like an hour before I went in there.  We got ready for school and she wanted to go to the park.  So I took her to the park for 10 minutes before school. She didn't get to school until 11:20!

Ella had a death grip hug on me. She did not want me to leave.  Some of her classmates were dancing so we went over there to dance and she held my hands and danced like crazy. She still did not want me to leave. The teacher helped and she sort of temper tantrumed and I left. As we were driving out of the parking lot we could see her and she seemed fine dancing. Once I was out of site I guess she was good.

After we dropped her off, Dave and I went to Jersey Joe's. It was good. I don't think I ever ate so much there before. My belly kept hitting the table in the booth since I'm so dang big now.

Once we got home, we went in the pool.  I bumped my toe on the way in so that bled and I made sure I took care of that bleeding before getting in. I walked in the pool for a solid 30 minutes. My feet, ankles, and thighs got sore.  It was nice to get a little workout without the awful belly pain.

I used my computer a little bit.  Then I finally lied in bed wanting to rest. But I had to set my timer for a half hour because we'd have to go pick Ella up. It wasn't enough time for me to nap!

When we got to school, they were just starting sharing time so Ella wanted to do that and we stood there a bit before we left. It was a show and tell type thing then they passed everything around the table for everyone to try. Ella took her stethoscope. She did pretty well waiting her turn for things but always kept an eye on her stethoscope. She disassembled something when it was her turn. I almost intervened to put it back together but didn't and then Ella put it back together herself and passed it on. This kid loves taking things apart.   It was 6 PM by the time we left school.

We got home and Ella started flipping out and being bad. She'd cry and yell. She's scream and refuse things. She hates to do anything with Dave. He was checking the mail and asked her if she wanted to do it. She only wanted to go with me and not him and she would hit him and try to push him away so he'd stop walking to check the mail.

Finally after she had a yogurt she was a little better just for a little. Then she was bad. She'd throw her toys and flip out. Finally she got a little better when we were playing legos together.

 She turned her gymnastics mat into 2 tunnels and had a little fun.

At actual dinner she was bad pouring her food from a bowl to a plate and back. But also getting drink in her mouth and spitting it out onto the food so adding a lot. Then she'd spill things.   Finally she wanted to go potty with her iPad and I let her and she was content in there for a bit. Once she was done, I asked if she wanted to watch her iPad in her room and she did. She watched in there for an hour. Finally she was flipping out over everything. She was just alone in her room.
I gave her a 10 minute warning then took her iPad away at 10:30. Then ended up tucking her into bed maybe 4 times. She kept coming out. Finally I put the gate up.  She was even in there for over 20 minutes at one point and then decided to run out. She learned running and giving Daddy a hug and a kiss gave her a little stall but after 2 times of that she didn't do it more. At least Daddy got hugs instead of her meanness.
 (The last day as a family of 3!)

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