Sunday, September 11, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Ella woke up a few minutes after 9. Dave ran in there to get her. He has never been so fast. I wanted to pee and brush my teeth but I didn't get to brush my teeth before he got her. He said the first thing she said when we walked in was "Christmas."  She slept so late because we were up so late and then she was nervous or anxious falling asleep.

She went potty and then ran out and started opening presents.  She would play with each thing before opening the next  We stopped for a brief time when we did facetime and then ate lunch. We also stopped for nap. That was it. She opened her last gift near 8 PM.  Then she still went on playing with gifts until well past her bedtime.

The train and tracks seemed to be the biggest hit but she loved a lot of things. The paint and paint brushes excited her but she only gets to use those in her high chair and still not as much as she wants so she stopped being excited about those.

She was so excited. She talked about Santa.   I was so exhausted that when she napped, I went and lied in bed.  I wanted to load pictures and stuff but it was all so exhausting.  I didn't end up napping but resting helped.

Ella helped us open our presents too. Poor Poly didn't get anything.

Ella liked her new scooter but our driveway isn't in the best shape so it was harder to use.  She kept telling me to make the cars go away so she could use the street.   We told her after nap we'd go to the park. Well she slept so long it was dark. She woke up and immediately mentioned her helmet and coat. Poor kid. We didn't get to go.  Oh when she opened the scooter I said just for today she could ride it in the house without her helmet. But while I was saying it, she ran off to find her helmet.

I missed being with family. I missed good food. Bagel bites just didn't cut it for lunch. We did attempt to make pepperoni bread for dinner. That was pretty good but the dough was no Rhode's Pizza Dough.

There are quite a lot of pictures and they are slightly out of order based on different camera timestamps so I just put them at the bottom!

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