Saturday, September 10, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015 (12.24.15)

Earlier in the day we hung out then went to lunch, Petsmart, and Best Buy. I was so exhausted. I wanted to go home. I was still sick. Then we went to Safeway. It was also way past Ella's naptime too.  I was so exhausted. We got Ella to nap shortly after we got home and then I napped for 2 hours!

Since Ella's nap was so late, everything was late.  Then we had dinner.   As soon as dinner was done, we opened presents from my family with them on a google hangout. Mainly Ella had all the gifts.  She loved everything and it took awhile.  We weren't even done until 11 PM our time (so that meant my family was up until 2 AM)

The first few gifts, Ella was timid opening them but then she got better. She would get so excited. We'd ask her what she got and she'd say "a box" even though the gift was in the box.  She had to put on things she got so she had on rain boots, a raincoat, then footie pjs, then the footie pajamas with boots.  The last thing she had on for a bit were my new running shoes.

I did enjoy our dinner. I made mashed potatoes. Dave had meatloaf with gravy. I had turkey, veggies, and gravy. We all at the mashed potatoes. Ella ate a lot of things. I don't think she tried the meatloaf but she had 4 helpings of mashed potatoes before she ended up playing with it like playdough.

We played some videos for her about Santa and Christmas. She was all excited but then when she thought Santa was coming down our chimney she seemed scared and uneasy. He even took her outside to show her the chimney from outside. That's when she really started to get scared. Dave told her if she was awake too late, Santa skips our house. So she kept saying that.

We made cookies AFTER the hangout with my family and then ate some and put out a plate for Santa. Ella even wrote her own little note, too.

She was in bed awake for awhile. I think because she was uneasy about Santa coming.

I was still sick so the day was so exhausting. I'm sick of being sick so much.

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