Thursday, October 6, 2016


I set my alarm so I ran 4 miles before Ella woke up. I even showered before she got up. She slept past 10 AM.

We headed lunch to meet some friends/former coworkers.  One didn't show up! I forgot stuff I brought from California for my friend.  Lunch flew by.

I stopped and Dave got Bruster's on the way home. I tasted it and it was so good. I forgot how good it was.  Then we drove by our old house. We actually went by a few times to get some good analyzing done.  We drove around another new neighborhood too. After all that driving I had to stop at the rest stop on the way home. I took a little nap leaning against the car door. Dave went in and got coffee and walked around. I was going to take a picture of me leaning and resting my eyes but then I fell asleep before I took the picture.   It was a quick nap. It was just so much driving.

We went to Burgatory for dinner. The BBQ sauce was too spicy so I asked for a new bun top and then it was much better.

Ella had to pretty much go to bed right when we got home because it was so late. She didn't approve of that and took over an hour to fall asleep!

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