Sunday, October 23, 2016


Miles didn't have a good night. Also Ella woke up twice. The first time she had cold feet and brought me socks to help her put on. The 2nd time I wasn't sure what she wanted and asked if she wanted to join me in bed. She did. But then after 5 minutes she said she had to go potty.  No wonder she came into our room without her pants on.

The last time Miles slept in the morning, he only did on me. He kept squirming and just being unhappy so I knew he wouldn't last in the crib.

Miles then spit up all over me. He spit up on him and the rocking chair too.  I changed him and cleaned up the chair. Then I went in and had Dave hold him while I changed clothes. I had been trying to shower for 3 days so told Dave I was showering too. He said he had to get ready for work but I showered anyway.

I packed Ella's lunch and got her breakfast while Dave got himself ready. It was hard to cream cheese a bagel and cut up strawberries while holding Miles.

Ella was confused about what it looked like outside. Dave told her it had rained. She said "But it doesn't rain around here. " He told her it doesn't rain in the summer but rains sometimes in the Fall. Then he told her a few other things about rain. Once he was done, she called me over to explain all the things she learned about rain.

Dave took Ella to preschool.  It was so much easier at home with just Miles. And it wasn't even easy. He barely slept. He had half hour naps instead of a longer nap.  I tried to be productive but mostly failed.

I made 2 breakfast sandwiches for lunch. I put ham and turkey on them this time. That was pretty good. I like croissants better than bagels. The bagels burn a little too much or the egg doesn't cook quite enough.

I planned a few cards since I needed one for a baby sprinkle the next day. I didn't even get 1 done before Miles woke up.  I worked on that card a few times later and finished.

Throughout the day I worked on making onesie lollipops for Gio's Spirnkle. Since you can only make 4 at a time it had to be spread out throughout the day.

Also throughout the day I reached down in the chair for something and realized there was spit up in the chair that I had missed. It was a lot and gross!

I went to pick up Ella early so that I could go to the post office first.  We had to wait in a slow line to buy some stamps. Miles was pretty good in the Post Office.  In the car he cried.

I got to pick-up Ella but she wanted to keep playing. I let her. Miles had fallen asleep on me when I was talking to a teacher on my way in.  Actually when I first got to the room Ella had tape on her mouth. The teacher made it a point to tell me she did it herself and they didn't make her do it. I figured it was all her!

Ella was only ready to leave when all of a sudden she said she had to go potty at home. She wouldn't go at school. Then on the way out she got all muddy and said she needed new pants.  So then we changed her pants and she went on the travel potty. We realized she forgot her tool bench that she brought in for sharing (similar to show and tell but then they pass it around) so we headed back in the school to get it.
We were there over a half hour.

Miles woke up when I took him out of the Ergo but he did not cry on the way home. It was so nice. He did cry with less than a minute left.

Then that crying never wanted to end for over an hour.  Ella wanted to eat.  It was really hard to nurse him (while he wasn't in a carrier) and cut strawberries.   I had cut some and went in to nurse and Ella came in wanting more.    After the 3rd time she wanted more, I gave her a bowl of pretzels too. She told me she needed cheese to dip her pretzels in and luckily I had pub cheese.  She ate A LOT of that too.  This wasn't supposed to be dinner but I could tell she was hungry and there was no way I could make her wait and get Miles to eat and sleep.

Dave kept working later and later because he didn't like how much traffic there was.   He finally left work around 7:30!   Once we was home, Miles was crying a lot and not happy but I made us suffer with the noise a bit so I could eat and drink lots of water.  Then finally I went in to nurse and got him to go to sleep.

Then I had about 15 minutes before Ella's bedtime. I tried to be productive. I got Ella into bed late because I was too busy doing stuff.

Then tucking Ella in is a long process.  She also ran out a few times after quite some time. Finally we said we were putting in the gate if she didn't go back to her room. Then she asked for the gate.

I blogged the rest of Miles's 1 Month update + 2 dates from October 2015 so that I wouldn't get a year behind!  Then I wrote this post and it was 11:15.  I definitely should be asleep but never am by this point.  Time to stop blogging and turn on "Mysteries of Laura"  that show is the best show for falling asleep. I think I finished an episode after 3 days of watching! It's just has been more difficult to hear the baby monitor because the show plays in my ears for like 2 hours.

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