Saturday, October 15, 2016


Ella was ready for her bath.
Then we headed to the pumpkin patch. She wanted to hold Mummaw's hand on the way.
We went to Schramm's. At first Ella was having a fun time. It was so cold though! She did great riding the hay ride. She sat on a tractor for a long time having fun. Then all of a sudden she was not having fun. She cried a bit. Then we got off the tractor and she had a temper tantrum on the ground. Since she wouldn't pick a pumpkin at this point she didn't get one.

She got happy and pleasant playing at the play structure. She played there for awhile. Then we walked and briefly saw the animals before we left.

The pictures are out of order because the time stamp on the cameras didn't align.

We hung out at Timmy's in the evening. Ella mopped his floor.

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