Thursday, October 20, 2016


Ella always likes shakeology.

We went to the store!

 Ella tried to help carry in the groceries. She just HAD to do it.

She quit.
A friend invited us to the park. It was an impromptu trip. It was minutes from their house and 10 minutes from ours and we still beat her there.

I woke Ella up from nap to go to the Halloween Party. She was still in undies and didn't go to the bathroom. I lived in fear the entire time since she had a full nap and didn't go potty.

Ella and Clara attempting to pose together.

We had a big group!

After the party a few of us went outside to play in the park.  Ella hid in the little house and peed. She didn't want to stop playing to pee. Sigh.

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