Friday, April 1, 2016


I cannot believe how exhausting the entire day was.  I had a dentist appointment at 8 AM and I was so tired the night before after my mom's night out that I didn't shower at night. Then Ella goes and gets in the shower with me when I'm trying to shower.  Everything just took a little bit longer that way. Then there was tons of traffic to get there and I was 5 minutes late.

Traffic was awful on the way home so it took 25 minutes instead of the normal less than 15.  As soon as I pulled in the driveway Dave and Ella were there waiting. I was driving Dave to work.  That ride took forever too. Traffic was awful.

I got home at 10 and the house was a mess! I had commented when I was parked at Dave's work that people could start showing up at 10 instead of 10:30. So then I was doing frantic cleaning.

I cleaned for about 15 minutes before the first person showed up.  Ella really wanted her friends to show up. She kept thinking they were there but it was just the landlord outside.

I didn't get a lot of painting done. In total 3 other moms showed up to paint.  It was so exhausting. It probably didn't help that I never had breakfast and only got to drink about 1/10 my shakeology. Then I made sandwiches for the kids for lunch but also didn't get any.

I got 1 shirt painted! And that was a struggle.

Everyone took a little too long to leave and all the kids got at their breaking point. It was pretty awful for Ella. I even took her for a ride after they were gone and she still wouldn't stop crying.  It was rough. I finally got her some Jack in the Box french fries and she liked them but then she wanted more. I guess I ate too many.

She never did nap even though she was tired. She did calm down and use her ipad in the big bed with me.  I napped a little though. it was purely exhausting.

Then at 5:30, Ella fell asleep in the car when we were picking Dave up. I actually went to pick him up before he said to leave knowing Ella was about to fall asleep and I wouldn't get her into the car asleep. Then I sat in the parking lot waiting.  Since the day was so awful I never made it to the store or figured out what to cook.  We ordered pizza.

Ella transferred to her bed, we relaxed then ate our pizza. At 8, I went to a board meeting for the one mom meetup group.  It was done at 10 and I was heading to the car when I notice a message from Dave. Ella is awake and wants me.   After some figuring she just wanted her pullup changed but she was very upset my entire drive home.

I got home and was so tired. I was just on the go too much. Ella was not tired after having slept 4.5 hours.  She was up until after midnight. It was rough. I took a little nap on the couch at one point while she was playing on the floor.  Then when we finally got her into her bed, I went right to bed. I fell asleep before she did.  I've been tired for days so no wonder.

The missing cup

Christmas card display

Note: Exhaustion and being lightheaded are from first trimester of pregnancy symptoms!

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