Friday, April 1, 2016


Ella woke up a little after 7:15. She came in and said "good morning" to me.  She was so cute. I was so tired.
Dave wanted to be at work by 9. We got there a little later. It was tough to get all Ella's stuff ready.
I dropped Ella off at preschool (separate post). I broke down boxes and took them to recycling. There were so many. I can't believe it took about an hour just to do that. I ate lunch and actually watched a TV show. Then I watched 2 more since it was a 3 episode crossover event. I made a shopping list then went to the store. I'm shocked how quickly I could shop. I got home and started reading and doing some of my fitness challenge stuff. Before I knew it, it was time leave to go pick up Ella.

We hung out a little at home. Then we went and got Dave.
Once we got home, I cooked while Dave read. Then we ate dinner. Then I rested, Ella hung out with me, and we watched TV. Then it was Ella's bedtime even though she denied it.

When we were putting Ella to bed, she went and opened her door. Then she said "leave" and went back over to her bed. She's so cute.  She covered her and tucked her in. We said bye and left.
The baby monitor app didn't work but she never came out. But it kills me not knowing when she fell asleep.

Dave and I watched The Bachelor and Bachelor Live after Ella was in her bed. Dave fell asleep though.  We were supposed to work out but Dave said he was too tired so that's why we watched the TV.

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