Friday, April 1, 2016


Ella woke up near 7:30.  It was raining. I spent a lot of time talking to other moms to see if we were running at 9 or not. Finally someone else was going so we could go.  We had to head to drop Dave off at work then we went to run.
Christina and I ran. Ella was so excited to see the park. She thought her friends were there. I said Logan was on her way then she kept commenting Logan.  We ran and I looked at my phone halfway to set up the run/walk intervals and saw a message from Dave. He left his work laptop at home. He said he had a desktop so it should be OK. We ran back. I let Ella play a little bit. I took a towel to dry off the slides. That was a great idea.  Dave had issues with the desktop so we left ASAP and went home to get it. We dropped it off to him. Then I went to Sprouts.

Ella was pretty good in Sprouts only because I let her eat a muffin.  They were out of some stuff so then we went to Trader Joe's after. I put her in the car though and she said "poop pee" over and over so I asked her if she needed her travel potty. She nodded. She wouldn't go for a long time though. She did go. I said that was good. So then I asked her if she wanted to push a cart at Trader Joe's. She got so excited. She didn't want to get in her carseat. She wanted to push the cart then!

Well Trader Joe's was packed.  It was probably the busiest I've seen it in ages. It wasn't the best idea to let Ella push the cart.  She wouldn't let me touch it. It was a difficult trip. Luckily we were only getting a few things.  She ran into a lady once. I quickly apologized but then told Ella to apologize. She said sorry but said it so softly. I said she had to say it louder so she could hear. I said "Ella say sorry louder" and well then Ella said "sorry louder." The lady said it was OK and laughed.
I couldn't believe both Sprouts and Trader Joe's were out of noodles.  I also couldn't believe that Sprouts didn't have any ground beef.

We got home and ate lunch.  We watched Curious George on TV and Ella watched stuff on her iPad. She wanted both!

Then we did quiet time. Ella did not go to sleep.  Ella told me to close my eyes.

I started talking to Beth about preschool. Then I really wanted to go visit it. Dave wanted to go too. We decided to go then. I got to pick Dave up at 4:10.  Ella fell asleep in the parking log picking Dave up. Then we got to the preschool. Dave woke her up and picked her up. She fell right to sleep on his shoulder.  We walked in and talked a little. She was still sound asleep. Then I held her and she slept.  Then she moved and was almost lying down in my arms. Dave held her again. Then I did again. Man she was heavy. I have no idea how she slept so long with all those transfers.  She did wake up at the very end when I was getting up. Then she fell back to sleep.   This crazy kid.  Finally she woke up and we were walking out. We asked her if she wanted to go to the car or go back in and see the kids. She said kids.  She was still so tired though that she didn't interact with them.

We left there a little after 5 and then went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

When we got home, I did push-ups then spent about a half hour cleaning up.

Brenna came over so I could take some progress pictures.

I used my computer a little. I was trying to do a million things so I got nothing done.  Then we watched Bachelor.

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