Thursday, October 27, 2016


I woke up before Ella but suffered and stayed in bed as long as possible so she would sleep.

We decided to do something fun and went to a museum!  We went to the Please Touch Museum. Ella was so excited.

We started with food we brought and ate it in their cafeteria.  Ella is such a big girl eating at a chair.

She got to see Curious George. She was so excited.  She said hi and waved and then he waved back!

We went to the water area. She loved it of course.

She played a little bit.

Then she got to wait in line and meet George. She LOVED that. She wanted to go again and again.

She got to ride in a little car then got to be a mechanic looking under the hood of a car.
She worked at a food truck.

She rode and drove a bus. She drove a trolley.

She rode in a car, put gas in a car, and drove a car.

Then she went up a rocket and down a slide. She LOVED that. She did it over and over again. She liked the George statue, too.

She played in the craft room. The other kids were much bigger than her.  The one worker came over and mentioned that she could write a message on a paper she stamps and they would mail it. Like Ella can WRITE a message. How old did she think Ella was.  Ella had so much fun stamping.

We went to go on the merry-go-round. We walked all the way to the entrance and learned Dave lost the tickets. So she just sat there longingly wanting to go on it.  Dave even walked back to the desk to see if anyone turned in tickets.  I don't know why I trust him with things like this. Every single time he has something he loses it. He blames it on when he takes his phone out of his pocket. (Last time he lost our parking stub so we couldn't get it validated and had to pay $20 instead of 0.)

Next was an Alice in Wonderland Area.

The mini hospital was cool. Ella liked using the MRI machine.

Then it was time to leave. Ella fell running leaving the place and skinned her knees.

After nap, Pap-Pap came home and was using his Nexus. She crawled right up on him. It was so cute.

We went out to dinner with Dave's friends from high school.  Ella was not behaved.

We went to Wawa after because I was still hungry and we needed snacks for our nightly late night snack.  Ella picked up a basket on the way in and decided to put a ton of stuff in it while Dave was ordering his hoagie.

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