Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Sadly, cutting down and mulching a tree next door woke us all up.  Ella did enjoy getting the step stool and standing at the window to watch.

Apparently I needed a step stool too so she got me one.

Ella got a bath then went back to watching.
My parents came and watched Ella. We were able to take their car since those people cutting down trees were blocking the driveway.
I got more cheese fries. I think I had 2 bites of the cheesesteak then brought my half home.
Magen visited and hung out.  Then we went to the park. I can't believe how hot it was outside.
Dave took a nap on the couch. Ella played with legos.

Dave took another nap!

Ella liked to see what Pap-Pap was up to on his nexus 7.

Ella sure made a mess at her late night snack.  

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