Thursday, October 13, 2016


Ella is trying to teach me how to function on very little sleep. After being up until midnight she woke up at 3 am. This kept me up 3-4 am because she was sleeping on me and my belly!  Then at 6 she started having nightmares and yelling no and kicking. Finally she woke up from that at 6:20.

We hung out in bed. She ate animal crackers and watched Ryan's Toys Review on her iPad while I attempted to get her to answer a birthday questionnaire.

We finally got ready and left for school around 9:30. Ella was so excited to take her swim suit. We got an email that the teachers had some water play planned.   Ella is so helpful putting on her sunscreen.

On the way home, I stopped at Safeway and House of Bagels.   I ate, cleaned, did some stuff on the computer, hung up rockets in Ella's room, did dishes, ate, and was just productive the entire day. I wanted to blog and do stuff with pictures but I never got to that.

I picked Ella up from school near 4 PM. She was inside finishing her snack since she had napped so late. She napped 35 minutes later than the 2nd latest person and she napped pretty late compared to the others!

We went to Susu's for a meetup. There were 9 signed up.  But all that ended up going were the 2 hosts, the neighbor across the street, and me.  But Ella sure had fun.   Then we stayed entirely too long. Ella was a little nut after the lollipop and the hot chocolate Susu's dad gave her.   They had a little dance party. Ella was into it sometimes and not as much other times. (Since then though she's been doing the dance moves and singing the one song.)

I got Wendy's on the way home. It was after 8 PM! Ella enjoyed her frosty. I showed her how to use a spoon but as it melted to use a straw to drink it.  I keep being informed how huge I am getting so then I took a picture of my belly while Ella was eating.   It was quite a late night and we didn't even get Ella tucked into bed for the final time until midnight!

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