Sunday, October 2, 2016


Ella went to preschool. She wanted to take her Bat Mobile.

I had a social planning meeting for the one mom group. Then had to leave that early to go to my doctor appointment.
I rested briefly after I got home.  Then we went to Ikea. We bought a dresser for the baby's room and a coat rack for Ella. We wanted more but Dave's back couldn't handle shopping or looking more.  We also bought a grocery bag full of little stuff.  Then it was out to try a new place to eat.

I got pancakes and a milkshake. I often get pancakes. I make instant from the box at home and like them just as much so not sure why I'm always ordering them.

 Peanut butter cup face!

She wanted her hair up.

Ella likes to cuddle with me. I think in the pic above she was in the process of giving me the phone.

Ella was tucked in for bed like this. She sleeps in her chair a lot!

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