Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Breakfast before preschool.

Carnival planning! I did agendas to be printed for everyone when they check in. The above is a screen shot of the first draft. That's when I learned the ball pit was no more but then I put in photobooth so it worked out.
I went to Safeway in the morning and bought groceries for us but did lots of Carnival pricing. Then went to Costco later in the day and did nots more pricing for the Carnival. I also printed 2 banners for use later.
Ella is always eating with her iPad.
Dave cooked food. He made up the recipe. It was for Jambalaya. He said it was one of the best things he ever cooked.  My mouth was ON FIRE. I'm so glad when he offered Ella a bit she turned it down.
Ella did a pretty good job playing in the evening without her iPad.
Oh but then she got her iPad.
Don't leave Ella unattended in the bathroom. She climbs up and gets the soap and starts slathering her hair!.
She uses A LOT of soap too!

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