Friday, April 1, 2016


Ella woke up and came into the bedroom waking me up saying "shh. Daddy sleeping."

Ella and I went to run for 9 AM but we were running late. Dave was helping Ella get dressed but it took her about 15 minutes to pick out her clothes and get dressed. Then she crawled under the king size bed to talk follow Poly.

Beth and I were going to run 2 miles before meeting Janine but she was early and we were late so we all started together.  Beth decided to run 2 with us then leave us and return after running 6 total. I pushed the double jogger for the last 2 miles of my run. I'm glad I only ran 4 miles.

The kids played for over an hour and a half at the park. They had fun. Then Ella was so sad leaving calling for Gio.  I think it was worse since they didn't get to say bye.

When we got home I showered. Ella wanted to join me. Dave was in charge of her. Then I could hear her saying she wanted her own shower. She was so cute about it that I gave her one.

But then everything went to crap. She was flipping out freaking out about everything. She didn't want to get dressed. She didn't want to go. She wanted to put her hood up but her jacket didn't have a hood.  Her purse was frustrating her.  I knew she was tired but it was also later than I thought so she was starving.  Once we gave her some cereal and did some back tickling she got better and then we could finally leave.
We got to the car and she was flipping out she needed a new pullup so I went in to change that. I came out and Dave was already in the driver's seat. She was upset again. She said mommy drives. I tried to explain to her that sometimes mommy drives and sometimes daddy drives so then she got better.
We went to Jersey Joe's for lunch.  We were eating outside but a bird would come around walking on the ground. We learned Ella was afraid of birds. We went inside and she was much happier.

I took notes for the rest of the day... see below
didn't want to go to sleep
afraid. lie in bed with her a long time.

Now looking at it I am not sure what I meant by nap! I was guessing she slept in the car but not sure.  The rest the notes explain it enough.

I get so lightheaded while eating dinner.

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