Saturday, November 5, 2016


I was up before 8 but stayed in bed as long as I could to get Ella to sleep longer.

Ella got to watch the guys cutting down the tree again out the window.

Ella found the ziplock of pictures and sat on the floor looking at them (making a mess with them).
We ate close to noon. Ella was still in her PJs.

We went to get Magen and go to a park to play during her lunch break. She needed more Ella time. We got stuck in so much traffic because there were many road closures because of St. Patrick's Day parades. We were quite a bit late getting Magen. We went to some park that we could get to without going on the main road because that wasn't closed but was super backed up from all the traffic.

It was surprisingly cold at the park. Ella didn't even want to wear her coat and didn't have on pants with her dress. I was freezing in my hoodie. Even with running around with Ella, it was still cold.  We had food to eat while we were there too.

Ella fell asleep on the way home. I thought we had tons of time to kill before we had to leave for the airport but I was wrong.  Then we leave and I realize I forgot the food in the refrigerator that we bought for our flight.  We had to wake Ella up from her nap to get her in the car. She fell back to sleep on the way to the airport.
We arrive at the airport at 4:30. Ella doesn't want to carry her backpack but wants to pull the bag of chips out of our carry-on and carry that herself!

We made it through security at 5:06 and sure have a lot of junk to carry. Our luggage is heavier but we still have the same number of bags we went with. We have 3 carry-ons and 3 personal items + a car seat.
We made it to our gate at 5:16. We were on our plane mostly settled in at 5:39.

The flight was alright but then the layover was a bit rough. Ella wanted to rune everywhere. She kept racing. There was a dog that Ella constantly wanted to pet.  Ella constantly said she had to go potty but then wouldn't.  We wasted so much time that places were closing to get food and I had very very limited choices when I finally got to get food.  I got pizza. Ella helped eat it.   Dave got ice cream and shared that with Ella.

As we boarded the 2nd flight, it seemed like there were empty seats so Ella decided to sit in the empty row across from us while everyone boarded.  She would say hi to everyone as they passed. Some people really enjoyed it and said hi back and it was like Ella made their day. Others didn't seem to notice.  From the previous flights, Dave taught Ella what everything was she was looking at. For this flight, I moved over and sat by her and she pointed everything out that she was seeing like she was the expert.

We didn't last that long in the extra row because Ella learned how to unbuckle her seat belt and kept doing it so then we moved her to her car seat. She fell asleep.  Flying with an asleep toddler sure is a lot easier than an awake one.
Carrying her off the plane she was still asleep. We had a lot of issues trying to carry everything but managed.

We made it home after midnight. It was a long time traveling.  My knee was so bruised up from the car seat banging against it.  Ella was happy to be in her own bed but it took her a little to fall asleep.  It was after 1 AM when she was asleep.... which I guess felt more like 4 AM if she had gotten used to east coast time!

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