Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I woke up at 7:45 and realized I hadn't woken up all night to pee! I knew I didn't drink enough and not waking up to pee is sure evidence of that.

Ella woke up at little after 8. I already had taken my weekly pregnancy photos. I went to take some pics in a sports bra and shorts to be able to compare after I give birth.
We hung out a bit and had breakfast.  Then we went to Arya's birthday party. It started at 10 and we got there at 10:10. Ella had to help carry the vinegar all the way to the party! It was very tiring. Ella had tons of fun doing her science experiments but she also gets into a lot of stuff so I don't get to relax. Not having chairs to sit on kind of sucked because getting up and down off the ground was not fun when having to quickly stop Ella from things like using the iced tea dispenser.

Ella put cream cheese on her own bagel. She wanted a hug from Divya a few times. One time I finished cutting the cake so Divya could give Ella the hug she wanted.  Ella refused to be in group pictures. She got sad a lot. This was near the end.  Ella went to hug her friend Susu and they collided and Ella ended up with a red mark that's how hard the collision was.

I ended up not getting out of there until close to 1 because then I just took my same tables back that they had borrowed so then I had to wait until clean-up to get them in my car.

 I tried to drive extra to get Ella to nap on the way home but that failed.  She did ask me to pull over so she could poop and then she did in the travel potty.  She got less talkative after that but still I didn't think she'd fall asleep so I didn't drive extra and just went home. Once inside, she just cried a lot. She said, "I want my Divya." When we asked her what was wrong.

She ate and then got so much happier. But still no nap. Dave tried to get her to lie in bed but she wanted to go watch her iPad in her room. He asked her if she'd go to sleep there and she said yes. (Yeah right) but he let her. A bit later she came out to lie with us and still wouldn't go to sleep. I dozed off for a bit and so did Dave but she did not!

Finally Dave put her in her room and said he was setting the timer and she was just going to be in there until the timer was off and when it goes off he was waking her up.  Too bad she was yelling and talking at the gate in the doorway for almost an hour. Around 5:30 it got quiet.

and i didn't write about the rest of the day.

Probably wasn't interesting
Wow look at the angle of this pic and how HUGE I look!

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