Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Halloween Costume Comparison

We don't just wear 1 costume a year and we don't just dress up on Halloween. These aren't even all the times Ella has worn her costume. She wore that cupcake one a couple dozen times.
Here are a few pictures of Miles. He had a borrowed bat costume but we never put it on him. It's too hard to have it on him and have him in the Ergo or in the carseat.

2014: Cupcake & Ballerina
2015: Witch, Genie, Cupcake, Pumpkin
2016: Skye


  1. I may be out of touch, but what was Ella's costume this year? Is it Paw Patrol? I like that you give her multiple costumes each year. I always have such a hard time picking just one.

    1. Yes paw patrol. And I'll have you know I had no idea who she was until the day we were buying costumes and Ella wanted Marshall then we talked her into the girl one.

      Well we don't buy more than one a year. But she love options