Monday, November 7, 2016

Pregnancy Collage

I am so obsessed with numbers that I thought I should have a pregnancy collage. My mom was nice enough to put it together after I gave her the data to include. She also made some collages for Ella.

Do any of these numbers surprise you?

Collages already made:
1 year
18 months
2.5 years 


  1. The 91 meetups surprised me. That's a lot! And 22 weeks sick is over half of the pregnancy sick!

    1. Organizing a Monday run helped. Except days I couldn't go I didn't count as hosting. Teaching 12 bootcamp a too added to athletics. The rest were toddler stuff. Sometimes I hosted 4 in 1 week. I'm pretty sure I only hosted a few before March so they were mainly 2nd and third trimester too! Most here that involved cleaning and setting stuff up. Lots of hours of prep and planning went into the crafty ones.

    2. Oh and I was sick with a cold then another cold then the lighhtsdedness hit and that lasted the entire first trimester. I also had another cold in there. Then I had that thing with my throat (forget the name) and that lasted 4 weeks. It all adds up quickly. But funny I never even thought about it being more than half the pregnancy.