Thursday, December 1, 2016


I was so tired at each wake-up in the night. I tried hard to not fall asleep when nursing to get more time sleeping in the bed but then I'd get back to bed and not be ready to fall asleep.
Around 7 I got into bed and got comfy just as Miles started crying again so I decided to hold him and let him sleep. Plus Dave would be noisy getting ready anyway.    Ella woke up and I heard so I put him in the crib.  Then I came out and mentioned Ella going to school. She was so upset. Dave didn't realize she was going and so he told her she was home with me. Plus he said he would have woken her earlier if he knew he had to get her to school.  My doctor appointment was changed so her school day was changed.

Once they left, I ended up nursing again and then letting Miles sleep on me. I should have been getting ready for the doctors. I changed his diaper and we headed out. I barely got ready.  He was awake there.  He cried a lot and I ended up having to nurse him during my appointment. I vaguely remember doing the same with Ella.  On a side note, I have to go to PT for my knee and people said Miles is so little and to take him and leave him in the stroller. I can't see that happening. So far he wasn't content today, he was OK at my knee appointment, and Ella was not content every time I tried to take her.

I am OK to exercise now. Except my knee is bad so I still can't do things that involve the knee.

After the doctor, I stopped at the gas station. Miles cried the entire time I was pumping.
Then he fell asleep. I went to Target. He was awake as soon as i got the carseat out of the car. I looked for nursing camis/tanks and bought one. Then I got stuff on my list. He was awake for all of it. In line checking out, I picked the worst line and we were in line forever. He fell asleep as I was paying!

 I got home and put away the groceries and went to go to the bathroom. That is when he woke up.  After I nursed him, I tried to eat lunch myself. It was difficult. He wasn't content in any position for more than a second. He cried in the swing and the bouncer.  It was not a fun time.

A little after 3 he fell asleep. I was holding him in the chair. He woke up once briefly and nursed and back to sleep. I slept for an hour and was so uncomfortable when I woke up. It took me quite some time to get my foot off the ottoman.  He was still asleep. I changed his diaper and he was still asleep. I loaded him into the car and he was still asleep.  I used the stroller to pick Ella up and he stayed asleep in preschool. I got him back into the car and he was still asleep. Then we get home and I go to run some stuff in the house before getting Miles out and Ella flips out yelling "Don't forget Miles" and she also wakes him up. He just opened his eyes but then she said he was awake and she got all up in his face in the carrier trying to hug him and then he was up for good.

I was not a happy camper.  We all get inside and Ella immediately finds the cookies I left out from earlier. After a long battle with her telling her they were for after dinner, I gave in and gave her one as long as she ate it at the table and let me nurse Miles.  I go to nurse Miles and it takes him 5 minutes before he even wants to eat.

Then I tried to prepare dinner and deal with Miles. He was not happy in the swing. He was not happy in the bouncer. He was not happy in a position for more than a minute.  I tried to get Dave to get home from work but he never wants to leave anymore.

We eat dinner even thought at one point I'm holding Miles like he's flying because that's the only way he's content and Ella is also sitting on my lap. Clearly I wasn't eating much!

At 7:30 I started nursing Miles.  Ella is watching TV and using her iPad but that doesn't stop her from trying to come in and bug me. I talk her into getting her iPad and sitting in the nursery with us.  But then that doesn't last long and she says she has to go potty. While I'm still nursing we walk to the bathroom and I get her situated. I give her her iPad and go back to nursing.  She's in there. I nurse. He falls asleep. Then Dave gets home.   He says "I don't know what you are complaining about. You have everything under control."  I'm pretty sure he's trolling me but it still bugs me because I suffer through it all and then he gets home. He even wanted me to turn on the oven and put a pizza in for him. I said no that I was nursing.

Ella was so cute when she came out of the bathroom saying she needed help wiping.

When he went to sleep at 8 I figured he'd wake back up at 8:15 or 8:30 but he did not.  I ended up sending 45 minutes cleaning up in the kitchen and putting things away.

While I was cleaning, Ella found the cookies I had left in the living room. I ate them right after I got Miles to sleep.  I tried to cover them up with my ring sling but she found them right away.

We started to get Ella to bed at 9:30 and she is queen of stalling and it was 10 PM before she was in her room and staying in there.

Dave and I finally started to watch Quantico.  He always falls asleep and he did again. He was even doing back exercises on the floor and next thing I know he was snoring. I watched the rest of the episode and Netflix started playing the following one. Dave finally woke up and stopped in 22 minutes into it! He can easily catch up at night when I'm nursing (if he's home).  I just wanted to watch more.  I kind of want to google and spoil it because we are still in season 1.
I started blogging a little. I ordered a photo backdrop stand.

I was up until 1.  Miles woke at midnight and I was slow going in and then I get in there and he's asleep and snoring. I stare at him for 5 minutes and decide to change his diaper and feed him since I was there and awake.  He didn't nurse for long though. And for some reason I was so wide awake that I was still up until 1.

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