Saturday, December 31, 2016


Ella woke up at 8:15 so then I put Miles in the crib. He was asleep on me. I figured we better start getting ready since getting ready takes forever nowadays and we had 2 hours for a birthday party.
Ella was already in clothes since she insisted on changing into real clothes before bed (around midnight).
We were a little late to the party because Miles was asleep and I just let him sleep a bit thinking nobody is every on-time anyway.
Dan's party was amazing. It was train themed. They had a Thomas Bounce House. There were these wooden trains (that were either just trains or train banks) that you could paint, train themed tattoos, and cookie decorating.  The kids did not run out of things to do that's for sure.  There was also a play ground a little walk away but I think Ella is the only one who went down to that and we were only there a couple minutes before she wanted to go back to the bounce house.  They got food from Dickies.   The first part was not too bad for me with 2 kids while I was baby wearing Miles while he napped. Then he woke up and had a blowout. That sure was fun. He normally hates his clothes being changed but then the spare outfit I had wouldn't fit over his head. I had to tug and pull and he sure didn't like it.  It was hard to hold him and get Ella onto the swing. Then she seemed to be playing in a play structure so I started to nurse. Well she was done with that and wanted me to push her in the swing. That was not going to happen unless I got more hands. I told her to wait 2 minutes. Then she decided she'd go back to the bounce house. I was running after her with my bad knee and while nursing.

My knee just kept getting worse at this point. It didn't even hurt before then.  I had to stand while she was in the bounce house. There was no seating anywhere near it. I stood talking/playing with Ella through the mesh walls and nursed a bit.

I had to make Ella leave and that was difficult. Then we went up to the tables and started packing up to go but that took forever. She kept putting on tattoos and different things.  Finally we were on our way out and the walk to the car took forever. I think from the point I gave Ella a 2 minute warning and the time we actually were in the car leaving it was an hour alter.

We were one of the last ones there. Ella and Dan had a blast playing together.  Earlier on when there were a ton of people there, they still ended up sitting by each other at different tables.
Miles fell asleep in the car but woke up when we got home. I spent over an hour and a half trying to get him to nap. Dave got Ella to nap since I was dealing with Miles.  Finally I get Miles to nap and go to load my pictures from the party. I wanted a snack next. Dave wakes Ella up while I'm still loading my pictures.  So then it was spend time with Ella and not rest time.
For dinner, I was asking Ella what she wanted. She said pasta.  We didn't have beeferoni but had a lasagna can so I tried to heat that and give it to her. She didn't want it. She wanted the long and skinny noodles. I had a TV dinner in the microwave but still made her pasta.  She was getting so cranky because she was so hungry. At the party she was too busy having fun and didn't actually eat lunch. She didn't eat breakfast before going. So she only had the cookie she decorated and cake.
Once she got food in her, she was not cranky anymore. It was great.  Too bad by that point it was quite late.

At 7, Ella wanted to use the potty and Miles was asleep so I got a little tiny break!

I don't know where the evening went. We started bedtime routine with Ella at 9:20 instead of 9:30 but it seems to have taken longer for me to get out of her room. 10 PM I decided not to keep watching TV with Dave after I left her room and to lie in bed to try to go to sleep.  Miles woke up only once since 3:30 and ate and went right back to sleep. I figure I should try to sleep when I can.  

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