Friday, April 1, 2016


 Ella is sleeping on the ground.
 Then I took some screen captures of her waking up.

 She looks right at hte camera before leaving.

 I took my blood pressure.

 Sneaky little bugger making a step stool out of a box.
 We went for a run then after Ella got to walk Ruby a little. They matched!  Ella had so much fun.

Walking into preschool.
I dropped Ella off at preschool for the first time. It was just a very short stay to get her used to it a little before starting officially. This was my face as I was leaving!

 Poly thought she had a hiding spot from Ella but Ella goes in the laundry room and pets her.

 Putting on Daddy's shoes.

Dave and I went out on a Date. I had asked Divya if she'd watch Ella and she agreed. It was a very late dinner so she could get Arya down for bed first.

Ella had fun.
I accidentally ordered grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken.

Divya got Ella tucked into bed. She said it was so easy she couldn't believe it. But then we got home and I heard on the baby monitor Ella say "mommy's home" and that was the end of getting her to sleep. I just had to go in after she said that.

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