Friday, December 23, 2016

Gilmore Girls

I took some random notes as I watched Gilmore Girls!

Up to Season 2 Episode 15
I can't believe Tristan got sent away. 
I do not like Dean. He over reacts and I don't like his temper. 

Up to Season 2 Episode 21
I am sad Jess was sent away.

Season 2  Episode 23?(finale)
Jess is back. Exciting!

Season 3
Jess is back and with someone else :(
Can't believe they mentioned Trump and Ivanka Trump and Hilary so far!
Luke doesn't like openly nursing in his place!

Season 6
I'm not satisfied with how Rory hasn't forgiven Logan but they didn't make it into a big thing.

Season 7
Can't believe Lorelai broke up with Luke

Can't believe she turned Logan down and then also broke up with him. Like I figure you can say no and then it be more of a no not yet and you still date

A Year in the Life
Can't believe Rory and Logan cheat on their significant others.  The story line with Paul annoys me. I feel like the town musical didn't fit in so well. I was surprised Sookie wasn't in it more. I like how Jess is the voice of reason to get her to write the book (and to get her to return to Yale earlier).

I mainly didn't write enough of this.
At one point I noticed a mistake of continuity so I googled it then found sites that list more than 60 mistakes and I had to read them all. I loved reading it all.  I found the birth of babies odd on the show. It was weird to me that Sookie would have a midwife with baby 1 but not baby 2 if she had such a good experience with the first baby. Having GG be awful and bad then just a couple episodes later having her be a perfect angel was odd too.
I swear there's a mistake of the outside of the apartment that Rory shared with Paris and it changed between seasons but I didn't find it written on the site. I was going to pull up the episodes and screen shot it but of course I don't have time for that.
I also wanted to see shots of the entire house including upstairs before and after the renovation. I feel like the changes didn't work right.

What do you think of Gilmore Girls? Did you notice any of the errors throughout?


  1. The scene where Luke disses nursing in public really upset me when I watched it. I tend to agree about her breaking up with Logan. I guess she wanted to pursue her career though? Overall I really liked the revival but I hated the whole musical thing. It was a time waster and didn't add anything to the story. Who do you think is the father of her baby? We assumed Logan, but it seems other people think it could be Jess' or even the wookie guy. I never noticed any mistakes. I think Sookie wasn't in it as much because of scheduling conflicts.

    1. So I guessed it was the wookie guy. I never thought it was Jess's. Also what about her actual boyfriend!