Thursday, August 17, 2017


 Poly likes to cuddle with me.

The nursery should be more ready than it is.

Ella is all legs

 Ella just makes herself at home in the crib.
Then Poly does.
 Ella is making a necklace.

 Where's Ella?

We went into Google. She has to go bathroom so she carried in a spare pullup and wipes herself.

 Ella potty training her doll. Well it's really my doll from when I was little.

 It's back exercise time.


 Ella is always changing her clothes.
We get Ella to actually hurry into preschool by racing. She always wins.
Angie took some maternity photos of me. I already did a post about them!

I guess the rest of the day wasn't that exciting since I have almost no pictures.  Ella eats dinner on my lap which is kind of common.