Tuesday, December 12, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme Week 2

Week 2 went better than Week 2 the first time around.  I was only a little lightheaded here or there this time around.  I didn't miss any workouts.  I did have more trouble sticking to the meal plan.  Its extra hectic around Christmas too. 
According to my weight app I lost 3.3 lbs in week 2.

Plyo Fix Extreme!

Upper Fix Extreme.  My shoulders get so fatigued after the first round.
Wednesday was Pilates but then we did Country Heat too. Miles was pretty good to put up with 2 workouts.

Lower Fix Extreme
Cardio Fix Extreme
Dirty 30 Extreme

Sunday was yoga.  I took some video for the purpose of screen shots to be able to compare form. The video is quite boring since it's at normal speed!

I still take pictures of my food but never seem to make the collages anymore.  I seem to stick to most of the same stuff.

I did have pizza and french fries during the week.  I hate every time I take pictures, my phone has the food pictures rotated so I have to go in and fix them. Above I did not!   Those are just 2 examples of food.

I never eat my orange.  I have been under on protein almost every day. I'm also under on fruit too but I'm getting better. These small apples I got are easy to grab and eat in the car so that's helpful.  I drank recover once or twice. I had one shakeology. 

15 Months Nursing and Counting (Miles)

I just recently came across my post like this when I was nursing Ella.  I read it and it made it out even worse than I remembered.  I thought I'd do another post about nursing this time.

I still nurse Miles. I'm trying to wean Miles.  There's a huge difference.

Miles nurses two times a day. Only 2. Ella nursed about 8.  Miles never had an interest in nursing like Ella did. Miles would only like to nurse in his room in his chair with his scratch sleeves on. So public nursing only happened when he was itty bitty.  In the past month he nursed in the morning and I just dropped that and he didn't care. He actually slept later after dropping the morning nursing session.

I keep postponing dropping the other nursing sessions. I'll do it like I did with Ella and do every other day for a week then drop a session. I started getting rid of bed time nursing first then nap time nursing last last for Ella.  Miles falls asleep on me way more than Ella did so I've put it off. Miles is so so tired at night and freaks out when I'm changing his diaper. He knows nursing is the routine. I need a new routine. I anticipate being done with nursing in a month. With Ella I was done at 19 months and a week and it was 3 months of awful weaning.

It's still a love/hate relationship with nursing but it's not as much hate as it was before.

I don't see people this time around so I haven't heard comments on nursing one way or the other. Also if I do see people, they might not even know Miles still nurses since he never does when we are out.

Friday, December 8, 2017


I couldn't sleep.

Ella woke up at 2:30 since she peed the bed.
Miles woke up at 7:10 but was good and quiet in his crib that i fell back to sleep until 7:45.

When we woke Ella up she was pretty miserable.  Miles kept scratching and making himself bleed.

I took Ella to school.  I hung out with Miles a bit.

Miles was ready for a nap so he crawled upstairs.

Miles napped. I ate then went to nap and he woke up.  Dave napped though. (Dave napped 4 hours.)
We ate and played and left a little after 4 to get Ella.

We got McD's on the way home.  Ella was cranky and miserable once we got home. Interrupting and whining and talking but not loud enough to hear her.

I got Miles to sleep.   Just as I was about to get up to put him in his crib, Dave came in to tell me he was taking Ella to Urgent Care. He thought she had an ear infection. 

They had to go to Monroeville since the closer one was already closed.   Then they got medicine for her ear infection and came home.  Ella was quite clingy.  I got her ready for bed then tickled her back until she fell asleep. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ella Reading

Dave and Ella have been working on reading.  They have been using a book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I've done it with her a few times when Dave was out of town.  They don't work on it every day.

There are times she struggles and can't concentrate. She always starts strong and is so good. She's easily distracted so I stay away with Miles for the most part.
Dave took 2 videos of her reading recently. I figured I should share them here. I'm impressed since Ella isn't even 4 yet.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme Week 1

Overall 2.2 lbs lost. Most meals were on plan. But I was a little under on protein each day and a lot under on fruit.  Saturday I went over on carbs! I did my workouts!





 Cardio Fix Extreme

 Miles gave me a high five

 Dirty 30 Extreme.  I'm not a fan. My shoulders are on fire and my legs feel like they need more.

Yoga: I didn't concentrate as much as I should have but did it! No video. Here is a pic! Taken so later when my form is better I have a nice comparison

I took pictures of my food the rest of the week but didn't make collages.
When we were at the mall I only had about 5 french fries instead of an entire side myself. I considered that a win.  I ate some fries with gravy at the Christmas party on Saturday.  I ended up gaining a pound back that I had lost after the weekend.

I don't feel as strong as I did with week 1 of 21dfx the last time I did it. Being lightheaded for awhile did a number on me.

Kennywood (12.3.17)

We decided to go to Kennywood to see the Christmas lights.  It was from 5-9 but we left late so we didn't get there right at 5.  It was pretty crowded. It took far too long to buy tickets and get through security. Miles wouldn't go in the stroller so I held him through all of that. I pushed Ella in the stroller with the other arm so I couldn't even swap arms or anything to get one arm a break. (My arms were sore the next day from this.)

The kids both loved all the lights.  We bought Ella a light up necklace after we got into the park. She loved it.  Ella would not wear her coat or hat. She would sit under the blanket but that was still cold. It took a long time for us to convince her to wear it.

We all rode the Merry Go Round first.  Miles rode a horse. I was impressed how well he did.  He wanted to go on again but we headed to Kiddie Land.

Ella rode the swings. She LOVED it. Miles really really wanted to ride the swings. He was too short.

Ella rode the motorcycles and Miles ran over to longingly watch the swings.

I went on the ride that is like the t-cups or tilta-whirl but I'm not sure the name.  Then Ella rode the ferris wheel. The line was pretty long and Miles waited in line with Ella.

Miles   leaned into my legs while we were in line.
We went to go eat but decided it'd be too late once we ate so we left.  I never got to ride the train which was called the Polar Express. 

It was a little difficult to keep track of kids in the dark.   It was kind of cold but not really so it was pretty cold!

Dave suggested going back in a week.  I'm not sure we can handle that.

Miles was extra clingy because he woke up early, only napped 30 minutes, and it was past his bedtime.  He normally naps 2 hours.
We got Wendy's on the way home. Miles wanted to sit at the table like a big boy.