Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Miles was up too early.
 I was playing cars with Ella.

Miles was on the floor and I was resting on the couch. Poly  joined me after a few minutes.  He was up too early so I had to rest.
 Ella found a wizard cape and had so of course put them on.
 Miles woke up so Ella climbed in the crib to try to calm him. Of course that didn't work.

I got milk on my sleeve!  This happens more than it should.

 I ran with Miles.

Ella is brushing her teeth. Well she was being silly when she was supposed to be brushing her teeth.
Compare 1 year!

Monday, May 15, 2017


We always hung out with Ella in bed in the morning when she was a baby. Now we do it with Miles too.

 This is Ella's favorite cereal. Here's the nutrition facts on it.
 Miles is healing!
 Dave made pretzels.

 Miles's face still needs some work to be healed.
I went to Angie's. We walked and then ran a little.
We always have to get Miles and Maddie pictures together. Maddie is 1 month younger than Miles!

 The stats for running!

Ella lined up Miles's medicines.
Miles sleeps swaddled then with an extra blanket on his lower half.  He sleeps better when he's warmer. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ella Says...(March 2017)

More and more I get busy and don't document all the good quotes but here are a few.

I pulled into the garage. I noticed I pulled up too far but I quickly assessed and thought I was ok. I turned the car off. Ella says “Mommy you’re too close”

Me: too close to which way?
Ella points to the front of the garage. She’s good!

Me: 10 minutes until nap time. Do you want to call Mummaw and Pap-Pap before nap time?
Ella: I want to fly in an airplane
Me: You want to go on an airplane next time you see Mummaw and Pap-Pap?
Ella: I want to go on an airplane now to see Mummaw and Pap-Pap!

Put Miles in swing while I got paper towel. He flipped out of swing on his head

Ella: that was a loud sound.

"I'm going to take my nap now so that Ms Divya will be here"

Day of Divya's shower early in morning. She didn't nap though.

I asked Ella "tomorrow do you want to go on a field trip with your friends from preschool or do you want to help mommy plan a party?"

Ella: plan a party with Mommy
Me: Ella your pants are crooked
Ella: my shorts are crooked. Mommy you used the wrong word.
She was right.

Earlier I was loading the dishwasher. Ella gave me a sticker and told me I did a good job

“Good job mommy”

And later I got a second. She said “you still did a good job”

Ella: I want chocolate milk
Me: ok
Ella: I’ll get the chocolate syrup and you get the milk (as she grabs syrup)

Miles is tired.

Ella: maybe you can nurse him.



 Miles didn't want to sleep so I stuck him in the baby swing. That thing is great.

 Our morning was still pretty awful.
 Ella always likes to sit beside Miles.
Dave cut Miles's nails.

Miles's is in the laundry basket so I can get the clothes to where they go.
 I was cold.

Ella and Miles are always hanging out.

I finally played with my external flash. It was amazing how much better a picture looked with it than without it. I can't believe I never used it.

The cleaners rescheduled because of the holiday. But this meant Ella was around when the cleaners were there. That hasn't happened in a long time. She started preschool January 2016 and they cleaned when she was at school.  It was so much harder to clean with her there. it was no picnic cleaning with Miles there an no Ella so then having both was even worse! Cleaning is the worst.