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12.31.16: Day in the Life

It all started with going to sleep early on the 30th. That is rare. But I'm so glad I did it. I remember hearing Dave tell Ella go to back to her room many times. I would not even open my eyes or I would have been roped into doing something or talking to her and I'd have been up forever. I remember Dave got annoyed and gave her her iPad. This was around midnight.

4:30 Ella woke me up a few minutes before Miles woke up telling me to fix her iPad. I fix the app and give it back and she scurries back to her bed. I have no idea why she has her iPad or how long she's had it. It was like 10 pm when I bought she gave Dave the iPad. (according to my fitbit this was around midnight not 10 PM)

4:33 Miles wakes up.
Nursing and trying to get Miles back to sleep. After a few min Ella comes in with her iPad and sits in chair but she won't shut up. And Miles won't go back to sleep
Then I change his diaper and she keeps poking at his eyes saying she's not poking. Then she covers his eyes. Then she tried to show him the iPad. And of course he wants to watch. She lets go of iPad and it falls on his head. So then she stands it back up and lets go and it falls on his head again. Then she tells me to be quiet and stop yelling after I yell at her to back up and let him be.
We go to living room to try to get Miles to sleep. He doesn't want to. Ella won't stop turning on the lights. Then she finds potato chips Dave left out and I say no but eventually say yes so she eats lots of chips.
5:47 AM
5:51 Miles is asleep in the swing.
6:01 AM
6:01 I wait a few min and carry him to his crib. His arm is not swaddled well and he's touching his face but he goes to sleep so I leave. Then I get Ella water and go back to the living room where she is watching her iPad.
6:13 AM And she has so much snot and I keep giving her kleenexes

Looked into all the fb comments on rashes and hives and eczema
Dealt with Ella. Gave her more chips
6:50 AM
6:52 Asked her if I could go to sleep. She said ok but on couch..

6:57 She doesn't actually let me sleep. And her snot sounds are disruptive too

A little after 7 she fell asleep
8:17 AM
8:15 Miles woke up and it woke me
8:17 AM
I nurse him.

I learn from Dave Ella was up at 3 AM still on her iPad. He also carries Ella to her bed.

Miles is asleep on me

8:46 AM Miles woke up. He had a blowout
9:05 Take pictures of Miles to show his rashes
Put miles in a 6 month sleeper.
then laundry




10-10:30 Miles napped
wiped table
swept floor

11:01 AM
11:05 cleaned up trash all over living room floor Miles was on play mat and A year of Hardball arguing made Miles cry
cleaned carpet on steps

11:29 Held Miles
11:33 AM
11:34 I put coconut oil on Miles head/face
11:33 AM
 11: 40 Quick post #2016bestnine

11:43 AM
11:50 Diaper change. Swaddle and Dave gets home with lunch. Just now I have to nurse. Sigh
11:52 Nurse
11:59 - Miles falls asleep

12:38 Finally got Miles to crib even though he was asleep. He was asleep on me earlier but he was nursing at the same time and didn't seem to want to stop so it took over 30 min before he got into the crib.
12:48 PM
12:49 Eating.  Miles wakes up. I have Dave go in and then Miles falls back to sleep.
12:52 PM
12:52 Wake Ella
1:45 PM
 1:35 I try to do something on my computer but with Ella on my lap and Poly in my way.
1:49 PM
1:37 Miles wakes up. Ella wants to open his door. But then she just climbs into his crib
1:49 PM

1:49 PM

1:56 Dance party - 2:06

1:56 PM

1:56 PM

1:56 PM

2:01 PM

2:01 PM

2:01 PM

2:01 PM

2:06 PM

2:06 PM

2:06 PM
2:08 Nurse (but he only nurses for 2 minutes)
2:26 PM
 Tried out Exersaucers
2:28 PM

2:28 PM
2:36 Nurse (5 minutes)
Got mad scratched face
2:49 Socks on hands

2:51 Miles and I sit at table while Ella eats
Then we all go to the bathroom while Ella pees

3:07 Nurse (6 min)
2:56 PM

3:18 PM
Miles sat on the bouncer in the office while Ella and I showered.
3:52 Diaper change
3:54 Nurse
4:03 Miles falls asleep but still he's nursing another almost half hour.  I read facebook while I'm stuck in the chair.  I fall asleep nursing Try to put him in his crib.

Finally I comb hair from shower
I yell at Ella. She takes off her clothes.
4:35 Miles is awake

4:44 Nurse (5 min)
4:51 Diaper change
4:55 PM
4:55 Dance party
5:00 PM

5:15 PM
5:13 PM Play mat for Miles. Leg exercises me. Land before time movie for Ella

5:50 Nurse (5 min)
6:24 PM
6:20 Cooking. Fussy Miles
6:24 Ella starts to get her own cereal out.
6:35 PM
6:35 Cooking and holding Miles. Ella ate cereal.
6:35 PM

6:35 PM
6:48 PM
6:48 Miles worked his way out of his swing.
7:06 PM
7:05 Eat. Fussy Miles and deal with Ella and potty. Hurt knee holding Miles at potty bending down

7:30 start bedtime. Nurse for 25 min.
7:36 Miles is asleep but still nursing .

8:00 Ella woke him twice. Then I had a failed crib attempt.

Finally in crib at 8:15
8:29 PM
8:30 Then hang with Ella. check mail.
8:36 PM
8:35 2nd dinner. Look at magazine. I have Ella looking at it while I eat to distract her.  I ask her to tell me what she wants to buy. She sure wanted a lot from Oriental Trading.

8:36 PM
8:47 PM
8:45 Craft


9:07  done painting

9:12 I eat a zebra cake so Ella has to have one.

I tried to do stuff on computer. Ella was bad. I couldn't get anything done.

9:22 PM
9:22 Ella tried to help me measure the ornaments for picture sizes.

time out
Ella bad
bedtime. Ella awful. I left her room 10:00 and Dave was still in there
10:02 I sized pictures to sample print for the ornaments.
10:36 PM
I printed them and  cut half then had to help Dave and Ella fix her bed
11:05 I finished crafting. I was doing the steps that I will be doing at the Moms Night In I'm planning.
Quick blog post from my notes for Ella Says... to try to get more posts for December since I didn't hit my goal of 1 a day.

I was in bed on phone and watching Netflix. Mainly phone

12:02 Ella woke crying. She seemed to almost still be asleep but had a nightmare.
Minutes later she still won't stop crying
Finally I hold her hand and she goes to sleep. I fall asleep.

12:28 I left Ella's room
I go right to bed
1:18: Miles wakes up
Nurse Miles
1:31 Miles is back to sleep but then I fall asleep waiting the couple minutes before I move him to his crib and he was still sleep eating.
2:31 AM Left Miles's room
I sleep
5:41: Miles wakes up
I almost have him back to sleep but Ella comes in and tells me she wants me to get her back to sleep once Miles is asleep. Well this wakes him up and he sees here and just wants to play.

6:11 AM Ella awake for 10 min so Miles woke up

This is more like a day and a half but I wasn't sure where to start and finish.

I can't believe I copied all the text into this post, added all the times,  and then lost the entire thing. It took me days to finalize this and add the pictures not counting the over a day I spent the first time putting it all in. So time consuming! I need to do less in a day. i also had more pictures but that would make this too long and also take too much time.

I did a day in the life post once before on April 20, 2016 + a post of a day in the life of Ella's crib.

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