Wednesday, January 25, 2017


We had to wake Ella up to get Dave to work by 8:45. I felt so bad because she was up past 2 AM. I was so tired. Ella was tired.

Ella wore her new pants that were quite big. As soon as she put them on she said they were like "Uncle Bike's" then I remembered he had a jacket like it and I showed her the picture of it recently.  As the day went on, the pants got bigger and they'd just fall down. She'd say "my pants" and pull them back up. She would not take them off.

Ella found a loaf of bread for a bread bowl and thought it was an onion. I told her it was a bread bowl. Then she put it in a bowl and said "bread bowl."

We had a planning meeting for the social committee here so there were some other kids here. Everyone played. The toys got trashed everywhere! I set up a photo booth to practice for at the social. Ella immediately sat at it.  As they were all finishing up, Ella was starving so we started snacking.

Then later I took Ella for a ride to get her to nap. That worked but then she woke up in transit. Then I tried to rock her and she sort of fell asleep. She only napped 40 minutes and I never got her to her bed.

We tried to lay in bed for hours. I even put on Twitch TV for Ella. That took awhile to get it to work. Ella never did nap there. I think I fell asleep for 5 minutes at one point.

A neighbor dropped off some stuff for Ella. One thing was a little stroller. Ella loved it immediately.  Ella would push the stroller around, stop, take out her doll, pat it on the back, then put it back in the stroller and push it around. We were on a google hangout with my mom for most of that.

After dinner, Ella painted with water in her high chair. Using water only is fun for Ella and less messy. I love it.
We had macaroni and cheese for dinner and Ella had to feed some to Baby Anna in the other high chair.

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