Friday, January 27, 2017


We went to our first cooking meetup. This was Little Chefs Pizza Making. Ella did everything herself. I was so impressed. She even got to make a 2nd pizza. 

 Trying to get a small group picture but we didn't manage to get all the kids that were left in the shot.

 Soup for lunch.
 Ella ate all the icing.

Ella is pointing out the picture of our family!

During snack and story time Ella stood up so the teacher sent her outside. I was so mad. Ella likes to go outside. She never sent anyone else outside. Other kids get up way more and even run off. Ella just stood by her chair.  I was not liking this at all!  I tended to feel like Ella would be singled out because she was the oldest. But Ella was not the oldest. Quite a few were older than her but she was just the tallest.

 Ella fell asleep.

 Daddy hugs after bath time.
Another night of Poly hanging out with me.

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