Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Another night with Ella in my bed.

We had a field trip to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo for preschool. Now I took a lot of great pictures at the park first and then at the zoo. A ton of Ella and her classmates. I got home and always load my pictures right away but I was busy moving so figured I'll just wait and then I can shut down my computer now. BIG MISTAKE. When my cameras disappeared so did the memory card with the pictures on it.

Ella fell asleep in the car for nap!
 I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until I saw other people in green.

Ella helped pack some stuff from her room.

I told her she wasn't packing the wipes right but she insisted that's how it was done.
We took a brief break and went to the park.

Packing progress!
Ella was extremely messy eating dinner. A bath immediately followed!

 She only had underwear on. No shoes or clothes. I don't know how this happened.

She saw the stroller and climbed in. She wanted to go for a run or a walk.

She buckled herself in. We still didn't go. 

My facebook status update was: My hip has decided I have done too much so if I walk and pivot or take too big of a step or just maybe walk too many steps in a row, it causes me to almost collapse in pain. This really put a damper on packing tonight!
Since I lost all my good pictures. And since I had my good camera, I barely took any pictures on my phone. I asked Ella's classmates to please share pictures. Ella made it into 3 that were shared.


  1. Bummer about losing your pictures. Did you ever get them back?

    1. Nope. Or my cameras. The movers definitely took them