Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Ella loved looking out the window to the "park in the backyard."

We put random baby junk in the baby's room.

Ella's sippy cup is in the stroller.

All the pictures of Ella using the stroller show the unpacking progress.  We were unpacking a lot. We didn't have everything from our old house.

We had an interruption to our day of unpacking when we took a trip to the ER (for Dave and all was OK).

Ella giving Arya a tour of the place. All tours include looking out the bedroom windows to see the swing set.

I had to miss a meeting to prep for our Easter Egg Hunt meetup.  I had bought almost all the stuff. They just had to buy a little bit. But then they bought a lot.  In addition to missing the meeting, they took Ella and watched her. So they had an extra kid and also stuffed all the eggs.
I would get picture and video updates from Divya.
Divya even drove Ella around for over an hour trying to get her to nap. She didn't. She did ask for more broccoli and ate that.
When Dave was done at the ER, we went out to lunch. This guy fell asleep at the table in the corner. He was like that the entire time we were there. I actually was hoping he wasn't dead. I assume since I have no other pictures of him/the restuarant, that he was just asleep.
Ella wanted a diaper change like Arya.

Here they are shopping at the dollar tree to buy what was needed.
They also went to the park.
Chilling in bed at the end of a long night.

Now I was barely pregnant (almost 16 weeks), but I kept overdoing it and my belly would just fight back telling me I couldn't do so much. There was a lot of pressure. Then my hips were giving out if i did too much, carried too much, walked too fast, or pivoted.

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