Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Another night Ella slept with us.

Traffic was horrible!
 Ella had gymnastics class.

A symbol of my day. Ella flipped her potty off when it was full of poop!

We went to the old house to get more stuff and walk in and there's a cat in there!!! I already did a post about that.

I timed it so Ella would fall asleep on the way home and she did.

Poly always hangs out with me when I lie down.

After nap we played on the play structure outside.

This was a picture of Ella but look at the packing materials in a box on the right. Then the toppers for our bookshelves on the left.

We were at the bike sop so Ella had to check out the little bikes. She said she wanted one.  Dave got his new e-bike.

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