Wednesday, February 22, 2017


A mysterious cat wants to be in our garage.  I posted about this, another cat, and a dog back in March.

Dave was trying out his new bike.
I went back to our old place and went to move the empty TV box by the curb. It sounded like glass. Instead of just ignoring it, I went and looked. Well the movers broke things and hid them.  So they broke the Obama poster frame and instead of telling us, they wrinkled up the poster and broke the frame further to hide their mistake. Now the poster is ruined!

So growing up I never saw a house get tented for termites. I see it more around here. I decided to take a picture.
Here's another picture of the dog that just ran into our yard. (link at the top about the cat also talks about this)

Lynn made us dinner as part of the meal train.

After I picked Ella up from school, we went to the Dollar Tree to buy some more stuff for the Easter Egg Hunt.

We picked Dave up and Ella had to play with the bike tool area.
We were eating the dinner. It was my first time having tofu. Dave loved the crust on top. He said he'd eat the whole thing!
Ella washing her hands.

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