Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I took many pictures but for some reason they all aren't backed up. 
Not pictured: 
Miles had some bad eczema and scratched his forehead a lot and made it bleed.  I finished working on some photo ornaments that I made. Ella fell asleep in the chair in Miles's room.  Dave briefly held Miles and he watched the Steelers.  I had Miles wear socks on his hands to try to stop the scratching. 
I had been working on finally going through boxes in the craft room and said how there was room for a little table over there.  One of the times I was nursing Miles, Dave set up a table.  Ella then got a new craft table. She wanted to test it out and ate her pita at it.

We had a dance party at the standing table.
Ella liked to stand on the table!
I went on a short run!
Ella liked to hide under her hamper. She'd say we couldn't find her but then she'd stick her hands out so then we would be able to find her!

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