Tuesday, March 14, 2017


My phone decided to break again and some pictures disappeared, others turned gray, and some were fine.
Ella went on a field trip and saw the Nutcracker with preschool.
Divya came over and baked for the cookie exchange.  She did a good job for her first time ever baking.

I put miles in the double jogger just to see what he looked like.
We went for a walk. It started out fine.
But it quickly escalated.
It's hard to tell but this steep downhill sucked. The steep uphill wasn't so bad for my knee but was worse for my endurance.
Ella with one of her teachers at school. Ella loves Ms. Dana.
Miles doesn't always stay in his swing when I don't buckle him in.
 The floor is a mess.
Ella helped open a package with her kid scissors.  She loved being able to do it.
We got BJs for dinner. The spaghetti sauce was so spicy.

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