Sunday, March 19, 2017


Marie and Clara spent the night and Clara was fine sleeping in the pack n play in a bedroom mostly filled with junk.  Ella wouldn't sleep in her own room so she was in bed with us.

Marie was meeting some friends at Mariposa park on her short trip to visit. We went and joined them.

I was glad that Ella and Clara remembered each other after almost 5 months apart.


Marie and Clara were on there way and then it was back to the routine. Except Ella didn't nap like normal so then we went to a meetup.  Ella loved painting the flower pot. Most of the other kids didn't do much and their parents had to coax them to paint. Ella was just painting away. She painted it entirely and then painted more and more.

Ella enjoyed filling the pot with dirt then putting the seeds in and pushing them down 1 inch.

Ella keeps climbing into the jumperoo.

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