Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ella Says... (February 2017)

Here are some more Ella quotes that I managed to document. 
I tell Ella she's a big kid since she slept all night

Ella stood up : I'm a big kid. I'm 40 inches”
(She is 40 inches)

It happened
"I don't want my little brother now" 

I put a Steelers shirt on Ella.
She tells me “I don't like my Steelers shirt because they are not on anymore”

2/3 day of Super Bowl. 
“Mommy what should we do? “ 
i look at her confused.  
“Mommy what should we do now that Miles is asleep?”

Me: Ella you aren't eating your dinner
Ella: I'm just playing with my treasures. I don't like to eat anymore. 

Ella interrupted: I farted.  
Dave: Oh yea
Ella: Yea while you were talking

Ella is in the car ready to go to school
Me: Ella have a good day at preschool. 
Ella: have a good day at home mommy and Miles. 

Me: Ella bedtime in 3 hours
Ella: 3 hours. 
(I'm not sure why I wrote this one down but it must have been worthy)

After she woke Miles up

She says "I will feed him from my boob" and she pulled her shirt to show her boob trying to get him to nurse


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