Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photography - Divya's Maternity Photos

On March 9, I took maternity photos for Divya.  I took some back in August for Angie so now I've done it twice.  These were at a different location last time. I was very pregnant last time and this time I had a 6 month old with me.  
Taking pictures was so fun. Miles was in his carrier at first and we took some.  Then when Divya changed outfits, I transitioned Miles to the Ergo and wore him for the rest of the pictures.
We spent less than an hour taking pictures.  We got so many good ones. Divya had a tough time narrowing it down.
I edited a few pictures but not many.  I did notice that when wearing Miles some of the pictures I took were slightly crooked. When I edited, I tended to make a collage comparison to see the difference easier.
I really like the little break to take the photos and the break from my normal routine to edit or crop a few pictures. I should do this more!
There are many more pictures I like but I just decided to share a couple of them. 
Here's a comparison of her photoshoot with her first daughter. I didn't really edit the pic just brightened slightly so the color of the dresses looked more similar. 

Taking photos is so fun. Every time I do it, I think I should do it more.   I am taking Ella's preschool class photos again tomorrow (Wednesday).