Saturday, April 8, 2017

We're Moving

I haven't found the time to blog in well over a week and now you know why!  We are moving back to Pittsburgh. I'm so excited to be near family again. I'm also so sad to be leaving all of our friends we've made out here.

When I was about to write this, I tried to look up what I did last time and I didn't find a good we're moving post but I did do a farewell speech to NA-YGN that I totally forgot about.

We were just in Pittsburgh looking at houses and we got a house after some negotiation. We still need to have the inspection and whatever else needs to be done.
On Sunday, we toured 6 houses and on Monday we toured 4 houses!  I had a lot of trouble researching to narrow down the houses even more since my laptop decided not to connect to the internet. We thought the wireless card totally broke based on how it was acting and how I tried to connect everyday.
Here's a picture of the foyer of the house we got!

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  1. Congratulations!! And holy cow that house is gorgeous!!