Sunday, May 14, 2017


 Miles didn't want to sleep so I stuck him in the baby swing. That thing is great.

 Our morning was still pretty awful.
 Ella always likes to sit beside Miles.
Dave cut Miles's nails.

Miles's is in the laundry basket so I can get the clothes to where they go.
 I was cold.

Ella and Miles are always hanging out.

I finally played with my external flash. It was amazing how much better a picture looked with it than without it. I can't believe I never used it.

The cleaners rescheduled because of the holiday. But this meant Ella was around when the cleaners were there. That hasn't happened in a long time. She started preschool January 2016 and they cleaned when she was at school.  It was so much harder to clean with her there. it was no picnic cleaning with Miles there an no Ella so then having both was even worse! Cleaning is the worst.

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